The market for sports betting

The thrill in your heart, the odds in your mind and victory just in sight – there is hardly any other industry which is characterized by excitement as much as the sports betting business. Continuously expanding revenues expected to be in excess of EUR 5 billion in Germany in 2016 show that sports betting starts capturing the middle of our society and are more popular than ever.

Increasing confidence in the offerings of providers is a decisive element in this development. Transparent and professional operators allow betting enthusiast to follow their passion in a safe environment.

While male players still make up the majority of customers, operators like UGT have identified the need for new concepts to enable female players to follow the fun, for example in more appealing betting shops.

The sports betting market offer so much more to its customers than simply placing their bets: betting can be meeting friends, telling stories, having a laugh together and following the exciting match together.



A player’s gaming skills paired with distinctive tactical prowess – these accomplishments do not only describe the basics of e-sports, they are the basis for the ever growing electronic sports movement.

Athletes compete in one-on-one matches or team competitions and fascinate the audience. E-sport events fill entire stadiums and live streams capture millions of viewers around the globe. According to market intelligence by Newzoo, e-sport fans are expected to grow to more than 145 million by 2017 globally.

This enthusiasm for a fair competition will be increasingly attractive for the sports betting industry going forward. Just betting on your favourite, however, will not capture the fans. Special individual offerings specifically targeted at gamers will shape the future.